This Type Of Urban Warfare Will be Extra Frequent in The Future: Mandalay PDF Participant

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On June 23, junta protection pressures apprehended Bo Tun Tauk Naing, a leader of individuals’s Defense Force’s (PDF’s) urban guerrilla warfare device, in Myanmar’s 2nd city Mandalay– residence to greater than 1.7 million people. A member of the Mandalay PDF that is a close affiliate of the detained system chief just recently spoke with RFA’s Myanmar Service on condition of privacy concerning his arrest and also the status of the neighborhood resistance, which a day previously encountered the junta troops in the city for the first time since the military coordinated a February coup, triggering widespread demonstrations.

RFA: We found out that Bo Tun Tauk Naing was arrested by the junta forces. Just how did it take place? Were others detained in addition to him?

PDF member: We only knew it happened in Mandalay. We discovered that he was detained at a market, but we still do not recognize which. We also found out that two others were captured together with him. We are still complying with up with who they were.

RFA: We heard that some weapons were additionally confiscated throughout the arrest. Is that real?

PDF participant: We still do not recognize how many weapons or various other weapons were with him. We are searching for out because everything on the ground is very made complex presently.

RFA: He is just one of the leaders of the Mandalay PDF. Just how is the activity in Mandalay making out because he was detained?

PDF participant: We have several PDF groups in Mandalay. He is from the MPDF team. We have various other systems, such as Battle PDF, Guerilla War PDF, as well as several others. The detention of one group’s leader will certainly not damage our toughness, because we have numerous groups there.

RFA: Are the junta forces going after others pertaining to his apprehension?

PDF member: It is particular. Throughout [the Jun. 22 raid in Mandalay], several of our participants were captured and also undertook investigation. We can not expect that no one chatted. They might have leaked some information if they were being hurt. When things such as this happen, the team leaders need to be prepared to transfer. Considering that it was in Mandalay city, we should acknowledge that we have a vulnerability.

Sand bags stacked by the military and used as a checkpoint are seen along a road in Mandalay on June 23, 2021, following fighting in the streets of Myanmar's second-largest city. AFP
< img alt =" Sand bags stacked by the army as well as made use of as a checkpoint are seen along a road in Mandalay on June 23, 2021, following fighting in the streets of Myanmar's second-largest city. AFP

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a checkpoint are seen along a road in Mandalay on June 23, 2021, adhering to fighting in the streets of Myanmar’s second-largest city. AFP Urban war RFA: There was a lot of objection and cautions on social media sites in Myanmar that individuals should not publish details regarding or share news of PDF motions. What’s your take on it?

PDF member: We take pleasure in strength from the support of the people– consisting of through intelligence celebration. Still, we must turn to guerilla warfare, needing us to walk around among individuals and also rely upon their security. Typically, individuals intend to take pictures and videos of us, and that can be made use of as a method to track our motions. We intend to ask individuals to be mindful regarding such things. It is the only thing we require to be careful of.

RFA: Do you believe there will be a lot more city battling in the future like what we saw in Mandalay on the 23rd!.

?.!? PDF participant: Yes, we assume this kind of metropolitan war will be extra regular in the future. Not just in Mandalay, yet across the country … We want to urge the people to exercise caution in their everyday lives.

Reported by Soe San Aung for RFA’s Myanmar Solution. Translated by Kyaw Min Htun.